I Hurt My Back the Other Day

In fact I was having a really great time, but football is a rough game and you can get hurt. About a dozen of us went to the beach, we took along a couple of ice chests full of beer and a football. It was a really beautiful day and there were a lot of girls out trying to work on their tan lines. At any rate my back got twisted and now I have to go see a Corte Madera chiropractor. I really did not want to do it, so I examined the other options. Of course a doctor is not going to really help you with a back problem, not unless it is really serious enough that you need to get it operated on. That is a really big deal and in fact I am pretty sure that this is just a matter of the vertebrae needing to be put back in the proper alignment with one another. The best a doctor can do is to give you some pills that do not solve the problem, but very well may cause some of their own.

However when a chiropractor goes to fix some of these problems they have to apply a certain amount of force in the process. If they do it properly, then both of us are going to be happy. However if they make a mistake, then it can have some really bad outcomes for me. So you really want to make sure that when you lay down on that table, the guy who is standing above you really knows what he is doing. I spent a lot of time trying to make sure that this was the case, but of course there is not any way that you can really be certain until it is done.

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