Meaning of Business


1. Horticulture, for example, the taming of fish, creatures and domesticated animals, and also timber, oil and mining organizations that concentrate common assets and crude materials, for example, wood, oil, flammable gas, metals, plants or minerals.

2. Financial services businesses include banks, brokerage firms, credit unions, credit cards, insurance companies, asset and investment companies such as private equity firms, real estate investment trusts, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, mutual funds, index funds, and hedge funds, stock exchanges, and other companies that generate profits through investment and management of capital.

3. Stimulation and broad communications organizations create benefits essentially from the offer of protected innovation they incorporate film studios and generation houses, broad communications organizations, for example, satellite telecom companies, online advanced media offices, versatile media outlets, daily papers, book and magazine distributing houses.

4. Modern makers create items, either from crude materials or from segment parts, at that point send out the completed items at a benefit - they incorporate substantial merchandise, for example, autos, glass, or air ship.

5. Land organizations offer, contribute, build and create properties including land, private homes, and different structures.

6. Retailers, wholesalers, and merchants go about as brokers and get products delivered by makers to the planned purchasers; they make their benefits by increasing their costs. Most stores and index organizations are merchants or retailers.

7. Transportation businesses such as railways, airlines, shipping companies that deliver goods and individuals to their destinations for a fee.

8. Utilities produce public services such as electricity, waste management or sewage treatment, usually under the charge of a government.

9. Service businesses offer intangible goods or services and typically charge for labor or other services provided to government, to consumers, or to other businesses. Interior decorators, hairstylists, tanning salons, laundromats, and pest controllers are service businesses.


Basic forms of ownership


Business activities


By : Achmad Rokhim